«Gesundheit ist Reichtum. Seelenfrieden ist Glück. Yoga zeigt den Weg.» 
Swami Sivananda

Yoga & Retreats

Yoga @ Virgin Cocoa

Das vielfältige Yoga-Angebot auf Virgin Cocoa besteht aus kraftvollem Vinyasa Yoga bis hin zum entspannenden Yin Yoga, was in täglichen Yogastunden, jeweils morgens und abends, von Dir genossen werden kann. Jede Stunde wird liebevoll und individuell vorbereitet, wodurch Du die Möglichkeit hast, in verschiedene Themen des Yogas einzutauchen.


Des weiteren hast Du die Möglichkeit private Yogastunden zu buchen und Dich somit ganz individuell auf Deine Yogapraxis oder ein bestimmtes Thema zu konzentrieren.


Genieße das vielfältige Yoga-Angebot auf Virgin Cocoa!

Kommende Yoga Lehrer & Retreats

We regularly offer wonderful yoga retreats, that allow you to focus on your practice and take a break from your busy life. The topics vary and may include philosophy, alignment, mindfulness, meditation and breath work.


Treat yourself to a break for body, mind and soul on the far away from everyday life dream island Virgin Cocoa.

7 days of strength through Yoga Retreat with Annette Eder (Yogawerkraum)

from 10.11.18 - 17.11.18

"Together we start the day before breakfast with an uplifting yoga class with activating asanas, breathing exercises and a little meditation, and together we end the activities of the day with a regenerative yoga class including deep relaxation in the evening just before sunset, and then the balmy evening enjoy.
During the day, I offer you the opportunity to enjoy a private yoga class, where I will work intensively with you on your personal goals and desires, or a relaxing Thai yoga massage, a wonderful interaction of energy work and acupressure, passive yoga and deep relaxation, so that The musculoskeletal system gains new dynamics and gains suppleness and inner strength.

My yoga class is suitable for beginners as well as for longer practicing yogis. With over 17 years of teaching experience I teach creative Hatha Vinyasa Yoga attentively and warmly and always adapted to the physical condition of each person.
I'm looking forward to a heavenly break with you!
Sincerely Annette"

Your yoga package contains:

Yoga in the morning from 7:00 - 8:15
Yoga in the evening from 17:00 - 18:15
(Except arrival and departure day)
A taster hour Thai yoga massage
A private lesson Yoga or Pilates
(Dates on request locally)
Additional appointments can be booked on request
60 minutes: 80.- / 90 minutes: 110.-
Minimum / Maximum number of participants: 6 - 12 people
Package price: 230.-

For more information and registration:
or 01514 2853 110

Payment on site.