«The moment is timeless.»
Leonardo da Vinci

Body & Soul | Spa

Each treatment is individually carried out in your bungalow or on your terrace. All necessary equipment is available. So you can, whenever you want to, enjoy a treatment in privacy while listening to nature. Virgin Cocoa - where dreams come true!

All products used in the treatments are manufactured according to ecological principles.


Would you like to relax, unwind and do something good for your body, mind and soul? Then spoil yourselves with our spa offerings.


Traditional Foot Massage:

Treat your feet to something special and let us pamper them with our traditional foot massage.


Traditional Back Massage:

A real treat for an aching back! Tensions in the back and neck are targeted and loosened.


Traditional Whole Body Massage:

The massage helps alleviate tired, exhausted muscles and muscle tension. They are treated gently to increase general well-being.


Hot Stone Massage:

This popular massage has a relaxing effect on body, mind and soul. The warmth of the stones makes for an exceptional spa experience.


Face Massage:

A special treatment for your face and skin.


After-Sun Soothing:

Got too much sun? The After-Sun Soothing program is the optimal treatment to cool down and gently smooth the skin and maintain moisture to prevent damage. 


Please let us know if you have any chronic diseases, allergies or are pregnant. 
Have fun while relaxing.