Food and well-being go hand in hand with us

Unique Crossover Kitchen

We place great emphasis on market-fresh, seasonal ingredients and balanced meals, as the saying goes: in a healthy body lives a healthy mind. Our kitchen team prepares delicious creations of healthy food for you daily, these ingredients are in part grown on the island or found on the regional market.

In our food gallery, light meals and amazing dishes, are cooked before your very eyes! In this way, we can indulge all your special requests. You have the opportunity to create your personal menu at the various stations. Choose from: seasonal vegetarian/vegan food, sophisticated fish or meat dishes and delicious offerings of homemade desserts and cakes.

Culinary Delights On Virgin Cocoa

Local Indonesian specialties, much is grilled or gently fried in the wok, are prepared with great dedication by our kitchen team whose focus is on health-conscious dishes. Even the delicious meatless creations are impressive. You have the choice to enjoy these delightful dishes at various places on the island. If you like, it can be very romantic and private on the terrace of your bungalow suite.