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The island offers plenty of variety for the active explorers heart.

Virgin Cocoa is home to numerous, different tropical creatures. Take the time to observe them. In the evening, with a bit of luck,you can catch a glimpse of one of the coconut crabs and marvel at their impressive shades of color. Fancy a fresh coconut? Watch one of our staff as he climbs up the tall palm trees at breathtaking speed and collects fresh coconuts for you. Afterwards, he will show you how to open it with ease; you may also try it yourself and then enjoy the fresh coconut.

An absolute Highlight in Maratua Atoll is Jellyfish Lake on Kakaban.
Here, you can snorkel with four harmless jellyfish species.

Island Activities and Excursions

Day tours, cooking classes, vegetable and herb patrons, private yoga lessons: definitely no chance of boredom on Virgin Cocoa! A variety of activities are available to you on or around our island.