About Us

"Face the sun - nap in a hammock - breathe salty air - go with the flow - drift - soften into hot sand - sway like coconut palm - float on a balmy breeze - let go - unwind - relax."

We love Nature

Do not think = be happy!

Yoga says to embrace your core and enjoy the lightness of being. The coconut, our "Queen of Foods": The young coconut is a superfruit! Antibacterial acting fats, high in fiber, high-quality easily digestible proteins, numerous nutrients and minerals, a tonic and an aphrodisiac. It's full-bodied aroma refines many dishes, serves as a care product for skin and hair, and is used for healing purposes. Protects against inflammation, detoxifies, supports intestinal activity, suitable for diabetics.

We are proud to have this miracle nut on our island!

Healthy, balanced lifestyle - holidays for body & soul.

Our Team & Management


  • Destination airport is always Balikpapan. From there , on Saturdays (presumably from September, 2016) with a private charter to the island. Please, always contact the management to clarify.
  • Virgin Cocoa ~ Tropical Hideaway Island
    Maratua Atoll, Berau District, East Kalimantan, Indonesia
  • Phone: +62 811 592 3450 ~ Skype: VirginCocoa
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