"Health is wealth. Peace of mind is happiness. Yoga shows the way."
Swami Sivananda

Yoga @ Virgin Cocoa

The diverse and engaging yoga program on Virgin Cocoa consists of energetic vinyasa flow yoga classes in the morning and relaxing yin sessions in the evening.
You are welcome to join our daily classes! Every class is prepared with love and you have the opportunity to explore different topics.


Of course you also have the opportunity to book a private yoga session, which will allow you to deepen your practice or work on a specific health issue.

Enjoy our diverse yoga program on Virgin Cocoa!

Upcoming Yoga Teachers & Retreats

We regularly offer wonderful yoga retreats, that allow you to focus on your practice and take a break from your busy life. The topics vary and may include philosophy, alignment, mindfulness, meditation and breath work.

Right now we have additional yoga retreats in preparation, so it's worth it to have a look again soon. :-)


18.02. bis 01.04.2017: Andrea Biller, Hatha Yoga

01.04. bis 29.04.2017: Annette Eder, Vinyasa Yoga

Retreat 15.04. bis 22.04.2017: Healthy and Happy Yoga

29.04. bis 03.06.2017: Susann Pataki

Retreat 17. 06. bis 24.06: New strength & feel the energy

Retreat 15.07. bis 22.07: Relaxation & tranquility

29.07. bis 30.09.2017: Aurore Bnb

Retreat: 12.08. bis 19.08.2017: Yin & Yang (with a Yin Course in the morning and a Vinyasa Restorative Flow in the evening)

Retreat: 09.09. bis 16.09.2017: „Yoga for the hear(Chakra)“

01.10. bis 30.11.2017: Robert Schneider, Vini Yoga & on request Ashtanga Yoga in tradition of Krishnamacharyas´

Yoga & Retreats