Welcome to the big underwater cinema!


Virgin Cocoa is part of the southern reef of the Maratua Atoll and has world-class dive sites directly before the door. The house reef alone offers a unique underwater landscape and leaves no wish unfulfilled. Colorfully clad drop offs alternate with gently sloping reef slopes. In total, our house reef consists of 7 different dive sites, which are easily dived from a boat.

Further highlights are the half and full-day trips to North and South Maratua and Muaras Reef, discovered in 2015, which for the most part, is still unexplored and absolutely untouched, with fascinating steep faces and corals as well as fish diversity.

A day trip to Kakaban and Sangalaki, to go snorkeling in the famous Jellyfish Lake and dive with mantas in Sangalaki, is an absolute must. The mantas have an excellent feeding ground in front of Sangalaki and are found there virtually the whole year. Even the infrequently seen black manta rays can be sighted here.

Carefree Diving: On Virgin Cocoa of course!